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This is a blank Character sheet, hit the View Source button in the upper right</nowiki> to see how a page is created.

Upload a screen of the character from the game using the link on the left. Only replace text that has "Here" in it</nowiki>

To create a new character, search for them. You can then create a page for characters that are missing (or fix existing characters to fit this template)

To add links to other pages in the Wiki (existing or now) simply add [[ ]] around your linked word like [[Commander]] which looks like Commander

To link to a Category if you need to link a little differently. Like in the Episode 1 page I link to the Ziya Arc like this [[:Category:Ziya Arc|Ziya Arc]] which looks like this Ziya Arc

See that Episode 1 link there? It redirects to a different page, try to not do that, but if you have to for the sake of writing ease (it's a pain to write out Episode 1: First Command all the time) you create a page that acts as a go between. In this case the page called Episode 1 is completely blank except for the line #REDIRECT [[Episode 1: First Command]], or, like the Category link you can do [[Episode 1: First Command|Episode 1]] which replaces the link text with the text after the |

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Common "Citizenry Here" fields: Titan Empire Citizen, Hegemony Citizen, Aloshan Citizen

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Early Life

Family / Friends

Recent History