Episode 3: Korina Outpost

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Episode 3 Splash from the Starship Inanna website

Episode 3: Korina Outpost is the third episode of Starship Inanna and the third chapter of the Ziya Arc.

Plot Summary

Episode 3 finds the crew on a mission to save one of the crew, and get some down time as well. It follows the events of Episode 2 but takes place five days later.

Episode 3 opens very in the morning with Rachel having a nightmare filled with Torgin. She is distraught and disturbed by what has been a frequent occurrence over the past few days.

Later on that day the crew is having a meeting when Doctor Oluna call the Captain, Nali, and yourself to the Infirmary.

There you find out that Rachel has a condition that is potentially fatal, brought on by exposure to Torgin pheromones.

The only hope for her is an anti-toxin derived a pure sample, and the only place to get that, is a neutral outpost called Korina.

There the crew meets Administrator Tren, who manages the Aloshan sector of the outpost.

While Rachel is being taken care of, the Captain has seen fit for the crew to get some time off to relax and take in the sights in this new area of the galaxy.

While you wander around, after two crew visits, you will be called to the clinic to visit with Rachel. After one more crew visit after that you will be called again and continue the main plot.

The crew interractions do not influence the main plot that much, with the exception of Rin (though that just offers a different introduction of Cea), and Adam (who is in a depression over Rachel).

Eventually you get called to the medical ward because Rachel has been attacked or drugged. Some work uncovers a Dovin female who was hanging around with Rin, who is missing.

Rin is found unresponsive and catatonic in a storage room on the station and the person ze was with, Cea, has rushed off in an apparent escape attempt.

The Inanna, under your command, takes chase before you are unwillingly drawn into a conversation with an old... friend.

Unlocking Scenes

Rachel's Happier Visions (M/F):

Rachel must have been on your team in Episode 1, she will then bring up the visions she had in the pod.

Sexy Time on the Beach with Ashe (M):

Phew... here we go: Ashe likes guys, so you must be Male. She also likes a brainy guy, so you have to be a Science Officer. She doesn't mind being hit on, but you have to be nice about it. So you have to hit on her when you are in the Xeno-tech lab in Episode 1 (to do that you have to call the thing a buttplug). Even then you can't be a jerk so apologize to her in Episode 1 when you are walking to the bridge after being knocked out. Even after all this there's more. She is shy despite all this other stuff, see you need to see her naked before hand... she must be on your team in Episode 1, and you have to side with her during the fight with the Torgin at the end of Episode 1... and THEN you have to see her in your vision. Oh, and there's two scenes with her, each of which has to be unlocked.

Visions of Gods and Princesses with Kani (F):

Kani's life has never been that stable, and it's been rife with roving rape gangs and the factions warring on her home planet. She's looking to break from all that and wants a stable, monogamous relationship right now. She's not opposed to a Male relationship, but it's just not time yet so you have to be Female for this scene. She wants people to respect her and so if you get grabby if you spar with her in Episode 1, you are out of luck. Lastly you have to kiss her to get that spark going.

Captain's Masseuse (M):

First off Alexandra Zal likes guys, so you have to be male. The Captain needs to relax, and you can help her. Tell her you are good with your hands. Then when she offers to give you a massage get your clothes off, and then throw caution to the wind.

Adam's Roleplaying (M):

Adam and you are playing games on the big screen when you notice a old VR Headset. Have Adam put it on for some Role Playing. Then make him horny and finally have him kneel.

Sam's Rebound (F):

First off, be Female. Then, let Samantha know you're into women and also want to be friends. Later on pick "Well, come on over here, let's do something."

Strange Oils and Happy Endings (M):

Visit with the Captain in Waves, but do not offer her a massage. Choose "I'll just wait here Captain.", she will leave with a masseuse and another, named Kera, will approach you and offer to take care of you. Go with her.