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Most of DrMadDoc47's work in the gaming industries has been in writing for frantasy RPG and Adventure games. A long time fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation and the successive series (particularly Deep Space Nine), DrMadDoc grew tired of working on so many fantasy stories which eventually lead to branhing out as a solo-developer and Starship Inanna.  When not working on the game or 3d artwork, DrMadDoc47 is frequently playing Elder Scolls (Oblivion or Skyrim), running through 7 Days to Die with his friends, or running tabletop games with more friends (SLA Industries right now).
 With a degree and background in music composition Omar has written music for online and television advertisements as well as produced for various artists in the midwest. "Video Game music has always meant a lot to me and I hope my new musical ventures in the gaming world will convey my passion towards it."

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