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Starship Inanna: The Tabletop RPG

General Information

While the Starship Inanna: Tabletop RPG is still very early, we have been running pre-alpha playtests with our Patreon Backers and also at GenCon 2019 in the First Exposure Playtest Hall.

The Starship Inanna: Tabletop RPG uses the Savage Worlds system.  We are restricting it to the races of the Orion-Cygnus Arm but well get to the Zartain Cluster eventually in a second release.  Most of our one-shots from Patreon games and GenCon will eventually be released for free.  In the meantime, come join us on Patreon or in the eventual public games.

The Carvasi Merc Company relaxing after their mission to the Imperial Shipyard Catena (That mission is the from Patreon Playtest one-shot from 2019 called Forced Change, video of the playtest is available to Patreon Backers here: Forced Change